Canada’s MAID in death and dying.

On my other blog, I wrote a post about being with my father as he died. He was given the option for MAID, and he took it.

Note: Because I don’t know if wordpress terms of service allows me to discuss this form of death, please look up MAID dying in Canada to learn what it is. The people who read this and are in the medical profession, you most likely will have ideas and strong opinions about MAID.

The post is: Why didn’t I ask for more Time?, and the blog, which is about my experience of having cancer is: My Blog My Health.

Thank you for checking it out in advance.

2 thoughts on “Canada’s MAID in death and dying.

  1. I found you through the “serial likers” post. I “liked” (and liked) what you wrote, so I came by for a visit. I like likes, but love engagement, even if it’s just with a few kindred spirits that relate to my posts and find something meaningful in them. I’m a cancer and medical trauma survivor with c-ptsd, so I think finding your blog was meant to be. I support MAID as I would like that option in all of the states, but I don’t have personal experience with a loved one that exercised the option.

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