The blog is migrating.

As I tweeted a few days ago, my new iPad Pro was finally delivered.

I haven’t posted anything new in many weeks, because my old iPad started indiscriminately shutting down for no reason, and my computer, which I have made limb along in the in the last several years (I got in in 2011), finally decided to quit working satisfactorily.

It just sort of gets to the point where it works, too long, and then quits following my commands. It will write words like wwwwwaaaassss, and then delete the entire line (including other words), when I ask it to delete.

Needless to say, writing anything became painful and slow.

So I ordered a new iPad Pro, but it took forever to get here.

And then….

Unfortunately, the old site, wix didn’t have an app comparable with the iPad Pro.

And that is why, this is my new blog site.

I will try to get the old posts migrated to this wordpress.

And I will continue my ICU Story, in new blog posts soon… Just as soon as I get the hang of wordpress.

Let me know in the comments or twitter, is this blog hosting site is better than the old one. Is it easier or harder, for you as the reader to read and navigate. I want to know, because this blog is for you, the reader, and I want you to have a comfortable reading experience.

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