Thank you

Note: Like all of the posts I’m posting today, this is an old post from my old blog. It was written and posted on the anniversary of going to the hospital, even though this day right now, is not the anniversary of going to the hospital.

Today is an anniversary of going to the hospital.
And I would like to say Thank you.

To everybody who has read this blog (that includes you, who are reading these words right now :)), thank you.

To everybody who has liked, retweeted, tweeted or quote tweeted any of my blogposts, thank you.

To everybody who has responded to my tweets thank you.
You give me the courage to go on. Writting this blog is emotionally difficult, and I thank you for joining me in the journey, encouraging me, and sharing it with others.

To those who work in ICU’s across the world, thank you.

I drove past a bad accident today. 3 ambulances, several police and 2 fire trucks surrounded a multi car accident. As I continued driving, 2 more fire truck and another ambulance passed me going the other way.

I thought of the people in the accident, and wondered if any of them were heading to the ICU. I thought of the crew trying to save them, and wondered if they needed the jaws of life. I thought of the hospital, and wondered if even at that time they were getting ready for some trauma cases.

And I thought of the ICU I was in and wondered if they were getting beds ready. I wondered what they would do, if the ICU was full, and more people needed to go. Surely they wouldn’t turn people away?

To those of you, who do any of those jobs, thank you. I know you aren’t thanked enough, I’ve been trying to write my own ICU staff (doctors, nurses, others), for a while now, but every time I try, I can’t.

Strange, I’ve been writing for years (ever since I was 11, almost 12), but when I try to express my gratitude, for specific things people did there, I get too emotional. I just emotionally can’t do it. It’s not that I’m not thankful, it’s that it’s so painful, it’s hard for me to discuss those memories. I’m trying in this blog, because I want to help other people, but…. It hurts, but…. I will keep trying.

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